1. Report Pie chart

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     Pie chart displays data in a circle, where each value is displayed as an sector (pie) according to the size of the value in relation to other values. In other words, the bigger the value, the larger part of the circle represents it.

    Data source for this report can be defined in two ways:

    • Pie chart (data in columns)
    • Pie chart (data in rows)

    In the first case one record is read from the source data. If there are more records in the source data, it is selected randomly. In such  case you need to determine it by defining a filter. Values for the chart are get from the selected columns.

    In the other case there are randomly read max. 20 records from the source data. Therefore, define filter also in this case. You can select two columns for description and own values.

    Which type of chart to use depends on the way how data are stored in the source. Wheather in one or more records.

    Percentage share of the Value is displayed at each sector (pie). After moving mouse on the sector Description and own Value is displayed. In the example above it is Workstation (3).

    Value correction

    If there are null or negative values in data, they are replaced by 0 value in the chart. The reason for that is that negative or null values cannot be displayed in this type of chart.