1. Send notification

    Article: AN0001970Updated: 04.10.2018

    Webpart enables an easy sending of a message to a predefined distribution group.  Message text and distribution group can be changed before actual message sending.

    The webpart can be mainly used in a repeated message sending to the same distribution group. The same functionality can be realized also in another ways that are compared in the following table:


    Message composition Advantages Disadvantages
    Manual creation of the email in an email program. No other means are necessary.

    You have to compose the message always from scratch including list of all recipients.

    Every user, that sends the message, has to know all the recipients.

    Creation of the email in an email program and sending to a distribution group (e.g. from Exchange). More simple sending to recipients. You have to create a distribution group on Exchange and keep it up to date. This might not be possible by a business user and IT staff has to be involved.
    Creation of the email by menas of SendNotification webpart.

    A meesage prepared in advance (by means of a template) and list of recipients created in advance.

    Každý kdo zprávu odesílá, použije stejný postup (a tak poslední verzi zprávy a přijemců).

    Simple creation of a distribution group and message for sending. You can create an unlimited number of these predefined messages including set up of access rights.

    You have to create a page and a distribution group in the ObjectGears system and keep them up to date.