1. ObjectGears system installer

    Article: AN0001935Updated: 05.10.2018

    Installer of the ObjectGears system is used for a fast and easy installation of new versions and models and for management of particular instances.

    Instance management keeps track of all your instances (production, development, testing and acceptance) including folder location (web part and other tools) and connection strings. It also performs back up of previous version (just files) at the time of installation.

    Installer provides an easy detection of new ObjectGears system versions, new models, themes, documentation and other parts of the whole system. New parts are called packages. Each package can be downloaded into a shared storage (global disk storage) and from here installation itself can be performed. Installer checks at the time of installation whether particular package can be applied to the given instance and by this it evades problems of an erroneous installation.



    Toolbar buttons

    Instance - Displayes folder with instances.
    Installation packages - Displayes folder with downloaded packages.
    Download - Downloads information about all available packages.
    Update - Determines whether a new installer version exists. If so, it downloads it, terminates installer and runs a new version.
    License - Displays form for license generation.
    Settings - Displays form for installer settings.
    Web - Displays page of the ObjectGears web with installation information.
    Help - Displays documentation.

    List of terms 

    Name Description
    Package All parts of the ObjectGears system are packed in packages. These can be downloaded and installed by means of installer. The package can contain new ObjectGears system version, colour theme, module, model, utility, documentation...

    The Instance in the installer represents record of your physical ObjectGears system installation. You will simplify and make your job with future deployment of new packages much faster by entering information about all your instances.

    Instances can be production, testing, development, acceptance.

    Global disk storage

    Instalaller downloads information about packages, packages themselves, performs backup during installation, is logging... All these files are stored into a folder structure "Global disk storage".

    This folder should be a network folder and such that it can be reach all the servers to which installation will be performed.

    Model Model represents a XML description that is loaded into ObjectGears system. The description can contain definitions for classes, columns, reports... This enables to move models between more ObjectGears instances.
    Module Module is an extension of the ObjectGears system in .NET. Module can be created by anybody and it enables extending of the functionality by your own features. Also your own webparts can be added by means of modules.