1. Form creation by means of script

    Article: AN0001869Updated: 27.01.2019

    The script will create two groups and adds couple of controls to them.

    Where to use the script: Webpart Script 

    function OnLoad()

    /* creating text in the page*/
    OGForm.AddControl( OGForm.CreateLiteralControl("Example of a free text."));

    var gi = OGForm.CreateOGGroup( 'gi1', 'First group', true, false);
    OGForm.AddControl( gi);

    var ti1 = OGForm.CreateOGTitle('ti1', 'Code', true, 'Enter a voucher code.');
    var t1 = OGForm.CreateOGText( 't1', true, 'enter your code');
    var ti2 = OGForm.CreateOGTitle('ti2', 'Name', false, null);
    var t2 = OGForm.CreateOGText( 't2', false, null);

    var r = OGForm.CreateRow();
    var c1 = OGForm.CreateCol(false); //two columns
    var c2 = OGForm.CreateCol(false);

    c1.Controls.Add( OGForm.CreateItem(ti1, t1));
    c2.Controls.Add( OGForm.CreateItem(ti2, t2));

    var gi2 = OGForm.CreateOGGroup( 'gi2', 'Settings');
    OGForm.AddControl( gi2);

    var ti3 = OGForm.CreateOGTitle('ti3', 'Obtain', false, null);
    var chb1 = OGForm.CreateOGCheckBox( 'chb1');

    var ti4 = OGForm.CreateOGTitle('ti4', 'Provide', false, null);
    var chb2 = OGForm.CreateOGCheckBox( 'chb2', true);

    r = OGForm.CreateRow();
    c1 = OGForm.CreateCol(true); //one column

    c1.Controls.Add( OGForm.CreateItem(ti3, chb1));
    c1.Controls.Add( OGForm.CreateItem(ti4, chb2));


    OGForm.SetLinkNavigation( 'Hi|First.aspx>Second|end.aspx');

    The resulting form looks like this: