1. Case study Knowledge Base: User screens

    Article: AN0001847Updated: 03.10.2018

    Particular roles will work with following screens.

    Reader - the reader will work with a page assembled from particular webparts. By means of them users will search for articles, browse article categories, display articles and evaluate them.

    Author - the author of articles will display list of articles in the list of records, edit an article in the record detail and send request for new article version approval.

    Approver - the approver of articles will receive notifications about assigned tasks, that will contain link to the task detail. In the task detail there will be displayed Request for article approver.

    Administrator - administrator will maintain:

    • list of authors for particular topics
    • list of security classifications and corresponding readers
    • list of categories in particular topics

    Other classes are used by KnowledgeBase system only.

    Example: Screen with an overview of topics, authors and approvals

    Example: Screen with breakdown of topics in categories

    Example: Screen with security classifications and corresponding readers

    Example: Part of the screen with article detail with html editor for article creation

    Screen for article readers is described in a special chapter Webpart for article readers.