1. Model Access Rights: User screens

    Article: AN0001837Updated:

    User enters the request by creating a new record in the class Request. Users can only create or display record in this class and only those records where they are requestor, user for whom access rights are requested or managers of these users.

    Since the workflow updates request status during its course, users can see an overview of requests according to their status.


    In the detail of the request user can see by means of Master-detail display defined in class Request a history of the request including possible comments by approvers.


    Upon entering the request it is necessary to add information about the requestor, time of the request creation and status. This can be automatically ensured by rule Before new record save in the class Request.

    Approver (manager, gestor) is informed about request assignment by email. This email contains a link to the detail of the corresponding task. User can display all the tasks by clicking on the link Tasks in the upper right corner of the ObjectGears screen.


    Approver can see in the task detail all the necessary information by means of Master-detail display in the class Task.