1. ObjectGears HTML editor

    Article: AN0001828Updated: 09.10.2018

    ObjectGears HTML editor is used for editing webpart Text and for editing column Long text, that is marked with option As HTML.

    The editor enables various formatting of the script, inserting URL links, pictures, videos and also editing the source code. After marking some text and clicking on button Anchor you can insert an anchor, to which you can then go when calling the page with stating the anchor. Put the anchor name after the name of the page and separate it by the sign #. You can use also webpart code as an anchor. When calling the page with stating the webpart code as an anchor the page will automatically roll down to the given webpart.


    /WebContentPage.aspx?Id=54 - usual opening the page

    /WebContentPage.aspx?Id=54#nazev_kotvy - opening the page and rolling down to the anchor