1. Texts for translation

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    This functionality is used for a mass export and import of all texts that can be translated in model/administration. You do not need to go through the whole model and search for fields that can be localized. Therefore you do not miss anything.

    This approach brings several advantages:

    • You get an overview of all the attributes that shall be localized - you will not miss any attribute.
    • Overview of already performed localizations facilitates a check wheather all similar texts are translated in the same way. This avoids different names for same objects.
    • User with knowledge of foreign languages does not have to have any access to the system. Localization can than be outsourced to an external company/person.
    • You can import back only translated texts or languages. Import can therefore be performed in a repeated way, part by part. 

    Export/import of texts for administration is available only to administrator. Texts form models are available for administrator and IT owner of respective model.

    There are only those languages involved in text export/import, that are enabled in the system (page List of languages).

    Text export

    In oder to export texts follow these steps:

    1) Select model or administration, from which you want to export texts

    2) Select required coding of exported texts

    3) Press button Export on toolbar

    4) Save the exported file

    5) Let the texts translate

    Text import

    In oder to import texts follow these steps:

    1) Select model or administration, to which you want to import texts

    2) Select required coding of imported texts

    3) Select the import file

    4) Press button Import on toolbar


    You have to import into the same model, from which you have performed the export. Import also into the same ObjectGears system instance.

    You can import only some translated texts or only some languages. It is not necessary to import all at once.

     Pro import musíte zachovat první tři sloupce z exportovaného souboru.