1. LicenceCreator

    Article: AN0001795Updated: 05.03.2023

    This tool is used for creating a licence file. This file enables to run ObjectGears system for more than 25 users and on more web servers/nodes (for a single instance).

    LicenceCreator is part of the Installer.

    The form remembers the last used license number and the last used computer ID. Click Get current ID to generate a new license file.

    Creating Licence file

    Licence file is file named Licence.lic, that can be located in the main folder of the ObjectGears system (folder Web with aspx files). The licence is bound to Customer number and Server ID.
    The customer ID is unique for each customer. You were provided this ID when you bought the licence. Do not share this number with anybody.
    Server ID is unique for each computer. You can use up to 60 servers on which ObjectGears system can be operated for a single licence.

    1) Launch tool LicenceCreator. You can find it in the installation package.
    2) Enter your licence number
    3) Enter ID of the server for which you want to create the licence by one of these two ways:
        a) Clicking on button Read the current ID
        b) In the web client on page MENU / Administration / Information about application tab Basic properties, field Server ID.
        If you want to operate the ObjectGears system on more servers, then enter server ID one after another separated by comma.
    4) Click on button Send and generate licence. If everything is correctly filled in and the data are valid, they will be sent to ObjectGears server, the licence will be created and returned back to your computer.
    5) Save the licence file to a secure place.

    You can generate the licence file whenever you want for up to 60 servers. We recommend keeping a common list of server ID for the whole company. Then you can use the same licence file for all the instances.
    If you buy maintenance for a new period of time, it is necessary to generate licence file again in order the time for which ObjectGears can be upgraded to new versions is updated. If you want to update ObjectGears to a new version for which maitenance is not paid and ObjectGears does not run in FREE mode, it is blocked and licence error is returned.

    Installing licence file

    In order to install licence file just copy it into the main ObjectGears system folder (folder Web with aspx files) and clear the Cache or restart IIS application pool.

    Then copy the file also to the Windows service into the folder that contains its files.

    Reading the licence will be manifested by displaying your company name on each page. You can find further information on page MENU / Administration / Information about application tab Basic properties field Validity of licence key for updates till, Number of users: current/maximum and Server ID.

    Uninstalling licence file

    By deleting the licence file from the ObjectGears folder the system is switched to a FREE licence model. If you have more than 25 users recorded in the database, the licence errror is displayed and the system blocked.