1. OG data type - NotificationList

    Article: AN0001732Updated: 23.10.2021

    This object is the list of objects Notification.

    Object properties

    All the functions refer to the list of objects on which the function is called.

    Name Description
    NotificationList GetByModelId(int modelId, bool onlyWithoutLanguage) Function returns notifications for the input model.If the parameter onlyWithoutLanguage is set to TRUE, only notifications without language set are returned.
    Notification GetByCode(string code) Function returns notification according to the input code.
    Notification GetByCodeLanguage(string code, int languageId) Function returns notification according to the input code and language.
    Notification GetByCodeAndPersonLanguage(string code, Person person) Function returns notification by code and user language.
    If the user does not have a language set up, default notification without language is returned.
    Notification this[string code] Function returns notification by code.
    Notification GetDefaultByCode(int modelId, string code) Function returns notification by model and code. Returned notification does not have language set up - default notification for the given code is used.