1. Generic data types - Hashtable

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    Hashtable is a collection of type key-value. Both key and value can be of whatever type. You can add unlimited number of values into the table, but key must be for each of them unique.

    In order to create the instance use function OG.CreateHashtable.

    var ht = OG.CreateHashtable();
    ht.Add( "key", "value");
    ht.Add( "key-1", 100);

    ht['key'] = 'value2';      //adds or changes record in the table


    Name Description
    void Add(object key, object value) Method adds a new value into the table.
    int Count Number of records in the table.
    this[object key] Returns value according to the key.
    bool ContainsKey(object key) Function finds out, wheather there is specifed key in the table.
    bool ContainsValue(object value) Function finds out, wheather there is specified value in the table.
    void Remove(object key) Method removes a record with the specified key from the table.