1. Transfer of files from/to database

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    The form enables to migrate files or text from the database to disk or vice versa.

    Select a model, class and column that you want to work with.

    In the field Mask and mapping select a column, according to value from which the name of the file will be created (in case of export) or to which the name of the file is matched (in case of import).

    You will restrict the range of processed records by setting the value in the field Filter.

    File transfer

    The file transfer is useful to use for a fast export of all the files from the database for a fast content check.

    File import can be used e.g. for adding a picture to records (users). Files existing at records are not influenced. Maximal number of enabled files is reflected at the import.

    After the file is imported, it is deleted from disk. If you want to keep the files in disk, copy them before import into another folder.

    Text transfer

    You can transfer texts of whatever size. You can extract texts into files or you can import it into database from files in a fast way.

    You can import a single file for a single record and vice versa.

    Only those records, for which files is found are updated. The value in the record is updated in the given text column.

    The file is created during export only if there is a value in the column.