1. Web service RunWorkflowSeq

    Article: AN0002093Updated: 21.09.2018

    The method runs the selected workflow. In order to be able to run the workflow there has to be set  Enable access via web services in the definition of workflow.


    OGWorkflowSeqResult RunWorkflowSeq(string modelCode, string workflowCode, OOItemList startProperties)
    OGWorkflowSeqResult RunWorkflowSeq2(string modelCode, string workflowCode, OOItemList startProperties, string startClassDefCode, int? startDataRowId)

    Workflow is started by entering model code and workflow code.

    When starting workflow you can set values of workflow properties. List of properties may different for each workflow version. Object startProperties contains Key which is property code and Value which is property value.

    When starting the workflow you can input values for workflow properties. The list of properties depends on the current workflow version. Hashtable contains propertu code as the key and property value as the value.

    When entering parameters startClassDefCode and startDataRowId workflow is started for one particular data record of a class. The code (startClassDefCode) has to be a code of a class from the same model as the workflow.