1. Web service RunScript

    Article: AN0002092Updated:

    This web service starts a script defined in the model and passes over input parameters.

    By means of this method you can start specific operations from an external system, e.g. save data in a class, perform checks, start a workflow etc.


    OGScriptResult RunScript(string code, OOItemList parameters)

    This method returns error description in the return object.

    Property code is an exact code of the started script. This code is unique in the whole ObjectGears instance over all the models.

    Property parameters is collection of parameters that will be handed over in a script. They are available by means of property OGParameters in the script.


    In order to execute the script the user calling the web service has to have a role, that is defined at the script. Furthermore, the script has to have call from web service enabled.