1. OGExportResult

    Article: AN0002084Updated:

    The result of calling web service for work with an export.



    Data type Property Description
    DateTime DateTimeStart Date and time of the export start.
    DateTime? DateTimeEnd Date and time of the export end.
    int? ResultRow Number of exported rows.
    int ResultStatus Export result status.

    List of values ResultStatus


    Value Name Description
    0 OK Export was successfully finished.
    2 Error an error occured during the export.
    3 Running Export is running at the moment.
    6 Cancel Export was cancelled.

    When calling WS for an export start, status Running is never returned, since WS waits till a completion of the export. This status is written into the database immediatelly after the export start. If such an export takes couple of times and user checks the log of the export at that time, this status is shown.

    Status Cancel occures, if the export has set a procedure that shall run before the export and this procedure cancels the export that was started.