1. Web service CheckParameter

    Article: AN0002063Updated:

    This method checks input parameter value with current value in ObjectGears system.

    Use this method for check of  correctness of ObjectGears system version.


    OGCheckParameterResult CheckParameter(string code, string value)

    If parameter values equal, IsEqual = True is returned. Otherwise IsEqual = False is returned and parameter ErrorMessage is set.

    Error is also returned if an nonexisting parameter is input. Then IsOk = false and ErrorMessage is filed in.

    Property code contains name of the checked parameter.

    Property value contains the checked value.


    In order to execute the method web service calls have to be enabled.

    Parameter codes

    In order to check parameters you can use following codes:


    Code Description
    AppLicence Checks GUID of the customer licence.
    AppVersion Checks version of ObjectGears system.