1. Web service CallEvent

    Article: AN0002061Updated:

    This method activates events according to the input parameters. There are all the events activated, that comply with the method parameters, ie. there may be unlimited number of them or none.

    Evenets are created by means of activity Event in workflow. In order that the event can be activated in this way, the activity has to have set indication Enable calls from web service.


    OGWorkflowSeqResult CallEvent(string eventCode, int? typeCall, int? id)

    This method of the object OGWorkflowSeqResult returns in the property Message information about success or failure.

    Return value is Message:


    Value Description
    OK: Event x The call was successful. x events were activated.
    ERROR: x There was an error in the call, Description of the error is x.

    Property eventCode is an exact name of the activated event.

    Property typeCall is the call type:


    Value Description
    0 Only events for one particular workflow instance are activated.
    1 Only events for one particular workflow (over all its versions) are activated.
    2 Events in the whole ObjectGears instance are activated.

    Property id is id of an workflow instance (workflow start) or an id of workflow. It depends on the property typeCall.