1. Workflow activity - Send e-mail

    Article: AN0002054Updated:

    This activity ensures sending an e-mail. E-mail can be entered for particular receivers with a particular text or a prepared notification and distribution list can be used. Choose either Notification and Distribution list or enter Receivers`s email, Subject and Body. Both possibilities cannot be combined in a single activity.

    Activity properties

    Name Description
    Name Name of the activity. It is displayed in the scheme and used in the workflow log.
    Description Description of the activity. It is displayed after moving the move on the activity in the scheme.
    Notification Selcction of the e-mail from the prepared notifications.
    Distribution list Selection of receivers from the prepared distribution groups.
    Receivers` email List of e-mails of receivers separated by semicolon.
    Subject Subject of the e-mail
    Body Body of the e-mail

    Use notification and distribution list properties if you want to send the e-mail to already existing group of users or if you want to utilize localization of the e-mail message.

    The other possibility, entering receivers` e-mails, subject and body of the e-mail, use for sending a simple message or erroneous situation to the administrator. In this case localization is not possible and you save time with creation and maintenance of notifications and notification groups.