1. Workflow activity - Start workflow

    Article: AN0002052Updated: 17.10.2018

    This activity starts selected workflow.

    You can start the workflow in a synchronous or asynchronous way which enables to run several processes (workflow) in a parallel way without having to wait each for another.

    You can also split a more complex workflow into more simple ones and administer them in a better way.


    Activity properties

    Name Description
    Name Name of the activity. It is displayed in the scheme and used in the workflow log.
    Description Description of the activity. It is displayed after moving the move on the activity in the scheme.
    Workflow Workflow that shall be started.
    Start synchronously Indicates if the workflow shall start synchronously.
    Script before workflow start Script started before actual workflow start. It is intended to set set properties of the started workflow.
    Script after workflow end Script started after started workflow has finished. It is intended to respond results of the started workflow. This script is used only for synchronously started workflow.

    By the synchronous start the main workflow gets suspended till the started workflow finish. By the asynchronous start the main workflow continues immediately after the subworkflow has started.

    You can use following scripting objects in the Script before workflow start property:


    Object Description
    OG General approach to ObjectGears objects.
    OGWFActualRun Special object for current running workflow.
    Hashtable OGWFStartProperties List of properties for the new started workflow.

    Example of settings for the property OGWFStartProperties:

    GWFStartProperties.Add( 'a1', 45);
    OGWFStartProperties.Add( 'da', new System.DateTime( 2012, 11, 24));
    OGWFStartProperties.Add( 'b1', OGWFActualRun.Property.GetInteger('a1')); /* setting of the value from the property */