1. Workflow activity - Nested synchronization

    Article: AN0002047Updated:

    This activity contains a link to a subscheme that takes over control after activating an incoming branch. The subscheme contains activities Start and End like any other workflow scheme. The activity takes over control to outgoing branches after all the incoming branches of the activity End  in its subscheme are activated.

    You can use activity Nested synchronization in the subscheme again and realize in this way multiple nesting. Apart from synchronization this activity enables to split a complex scheme into several smaller blocks. The main scheme can become well arranged since it contains only links to subschemes solving e.g. various options of an approval process.

    Activity properties


    Name Description
    Name Name of the activity. it is displayed in the scheme and entred in the workflow log.
    Description Description of the activity. It is displayed after moving mouse on the activity in the scheme.