1. Workflow activity - Event

    Article: AN0002043Updated: 17.10.2018

    This activity pauses workflow course in the given branch, till a call with the rewuired code is received. The call can be created by means of script (method CallEvent), web service or http request.

    Activity properties


    Name Description
    Name Name of the activity. It is displayed in the scheme and used for entries in the workflow log.
    Description Description of the activity. It is displayed after moving mouse on the activity in the scheme.
    Code Event code. Only calls with this code activate this activity and make workflow to continue.
    Enable HTTP calls When checked event can be activated by HTTP call.
    Enable web service calls When checked event can be activated by web service call.
    Call type

    Call type determines extent of activation of the waiting activities. The call type set up in the event has to be same like the call type (script, http request, web service). Possibilities:

    • Activation of events in the whole ObjectGears instance - it activates events over the whole ObjectGears instance
    • Activation of events for the given workflow - it activates events only for a single input workflow (over all of its versions)
    • Activation of events for the given workflow instance - it activates events for a single workflow instance
    Script This script is executed after activity receives signal from an incoming workflow branch. At this moment activity code can be set. After that workflow is paused in the given branch and waits for an outside activation.

    Use the script, when you need to distinguish events according to the execution. You can add object Id, that is recognized by the calling external system, into the event code and create call parameters in a simple way.

    Configuration of enabling web service or http calls reduces risk of unintended calls. You can, however, always activate the event by script.

    Event activation is not associated with roles. This means activation can be done by anybody who knows the code.


    You can use following scripting objects in the property Script:


    Object Description
    OG General access for ObjectGears objects.
    OGWFActualRun Special objects for current workflow instance.
    OGWFEvent Object for setting up a new events code. By setting up a new code you will change it for the current activity of the current workflow instance.