1. Workflow activity - End

    Article: AN0002042Updated: 22.09.2018

    After workflow version creation there are automatically two activities input into the scheme Start and End. If the course of one branch gets to the activity End, than is the given branch terminated. The whole workflow is terminated only when all the running branches have reached activity End.

    You can use only one activity End and terminate all the branches in it. In some cases this may lead to a less transparent scheme. In such cases you can use more activities End and made the scheme more transparent.

    Activity properties

    Name Description
    Name Name of the activity. It is displayed in the scheme and used in the workflow log.
    Description Description of the activity. It is displayed after moving the move on the activity in the scheme.
    Terminate workflow immediately When checked off the whole workflow is immediatelly terminated. When not checked off workflow runs till at least one activity is not completed.
    Message into the workflow log This message is written into the log of the workflow instance.

    Activity icon

    Icon of the activity End changes according to the activity settings to visualize different activity behaviour. Following table describes particular behaviour.

    Ikona Konfigurace
    Standard worklow termination. Workflow or workflow subscheme is ended after all running worklow or workflow subscheme activities are terminated.
    Workflow is immediatelly termindated, once this End activity receives control from whatever incoming branch. All the ongoing activities and tasks are cancelled.

    This state can be set up only in a workflow subscheme (e.g. in the activity Nested synchronization or Cycle). In this case only nested subscheme is terminated and workflow continues in the main scheme. All the tasks in the subscheme are terminated. Tasks and activities from the main scheme are not influenced by this termination.

    This state can be set up only in a workflow subscheme of the activity Cycle. In this case current cycle course is terminated and a new one is started.