1. Workflow activity - Continue

    Article: AN0002040Updated:

    This activity itself does not do anything. It is used for better organization and simplification of the workflow scheme in some cases.

    Imagine situation where there are three branches comming from the activity Start to three other activities. At the same time you need from another workflow activity (XY) also to go to theese three activities. You would have three branches from Start and three branches from the activity XY.

    Such a scheme would not be well arranged. In such a case we recommend to use activity Continue. One branch can than go from Start to Continue, one branch from XY to Continue and three branches from Continue to the three activities. If there are more activities to be added this design becomes more convenient since only one branch can be dragged from the Continue activity.


    Activity properties


    Name Description
    Name Name of the activity. it is displayed in the scheme and entred in the workflow log.
    Description Description of the activity. It is displayed after move mouse on the activity.