1. Database

    Article: AN0002021Updated: 21.09.2018

    Each ObjectGears instance requires its own database. Hereafter you can learn how to create a new database and assign necessary access rights to accounts under which particular components access the database. Read also  recommendation to system authorizations, that these accounts should have.

    In the SQL Management Studio we select creating a new database. We define name and click on button at item Owner for definition of the account with DB owner authorization.

    DB owner should be the account under which component web is running. We write name of this account and click on Check Names.

    We select the right account and confirm by OK.

    We confirm once again OK.

    Depending on the Connection string that is used we assign access rights to the database also to other technical accounts. Account under which Windows service is running can do well with db_datawriter authorization. Accounts, under which Administrator tool or Installer are running, have to have db_owner authorization again. We will grant the access rights in SQL Management Studio in Security - Logins. For the concerned account we will select Properties and then page User Mapping.