1. Object OGActualMessage

    Article: AN0002013Updated:

    This object is used for setting up an informatory, success or error message at processing a class rules.

    Object properties 

    Name Description
    string ErrorMessage Text of an error message. It is read only.
    string InfoMessage Text of an informatory message. It is read only.
    string SuccessMessage Text of a success message. It is read only.
    void SetError(string message) Method for setting an error message.
    void SetInfo(string message) Method for setting an informatory message.
    void SetSuccess(string message) Method for setting a success message.
    bool IsError Indication, whether error text is defined.
    bool IsInfo Indication, whether informatory text is defined.
    bool IsSuccess Indication, whether success text is defined.


    When using SetError method in a class rule you have to state return true; before the script end. Otherwise no error message will be displayed to the user.

    OGActualMessage.SetError( "error");
    return false;