1. Scripts

    Article: AN0002007Updated: 23.09.2018

    ObjectGears system has wide scripting possibilities. They extend basic set up for more advanced function. By means of scripts you can e.g. perform sophisticated checks before saving data, update data, start imports, exports, workflow and jobs atc.

    Scripting provides ObjectGears system with strong possibilities of a fast and effecient changes in applications and an easy extension of functions. Script can be developed or copied from ready-made examples in the help.

    Particular script objects are described in the chapter Programming extensions / Scripts. In the chapter there are described examples of script usage.

    Execution of external programmes

    Script enables to execute external programmes. An example is programme Piklo, that is part of the ObjectGears suite. It is recommended to execute external programmes only by means of winservice, not directly within user http request. Apart from security issues, it is due to the fact that MS IIS can recycle given process by design and terminate an executed programme prematurely. Possible solution is scheduling a one-time job, that will execute the given programme. Job is then executed by means of winservice.

    Time links

    Time links enable to create a link with validity only couple of minutes. It is used for simplifying evaluation of access rights when accessing objects (e.g.: files).

    Script blocks

    Often used parts of scripts can be placed into script blocks. Such blocks can then be easily called from more places (workflow, butons ...).

    Scripts on pages

    Scripts can be executed on pages for data display (Datas.aspx and DataDetail.aspx). Overview of events and possibilities of using scripts is described in Scripts on pages with dates.

    Scripts in model

    Scripts can be used in several places in ObjectGears system. Therefore, there is page Scripts in model which helps with searching the scripts.

    Script testing

    You can use Script window for testing the scripts or for script execution.

    Application events

    ObjectGears system supports two application events:

    • After application start
    • After user logon

    Access: Administration / System / Application events