1. Report List of records

    Article: AN0001993Updated:

    This report displays data from the starting class/query by means of list of records similarly to the page Datas.aspx.

    You can select data source (class/query) and set filtering and sorting in the report definition.

    In order to display data it is also necessary to select column. By means of columns Reference value you can also include also linked tables and select also their columns for display in the report.

    Possibility to set an aggregation function (min, max, sum, average...) is displayed according to the column type. If you want to use aggregation function, then you have to check at least at one column option Group. For the rest of column you have to select one of offered aggregation functions. In this way you can easily create e.g. report with number of orders per months.

    You can add a single column into the report several times. In this way you can set various aggregation functions for the same data. You can use localization for the column names.