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    Article: AN0001977Updated: 23.09.2018

    This webpart displays static html, that can be edited by means of ObjectGears HTML editor. HTML can be created like when working in MS Word. You can use different fonts, bold, italics or colour. Furthermore, you can paste tables, pictures (picture are stored on server*1) or links to another page.

    This html is created at the time of page design and cannot be changed by a programme. In case you need to change it online, use the Script webpart.


    *1) There is folder ImagesData dedicated for pictures, into which administrator saves pictures and similar files. You can upload your own picture in the html editor.


    Anchor and link to a particular place in the page

    Within html text you can define anchors which are particular places in the page, on which you can move from links. After clicking on a link page rolls to the define placed.

    Within the link you can use as an anchor also code of webpart from the page. After clicking on it the page rolls to the webpart.

    Below stated picture displays definition of a link that rolls the page to the webpart with code code_7.