1. EditFiles

    Article: AN0001962Updated:

    This webpart is used for displaying and editing files stored on server or network shares. It can be used in case you need to check or edit various files, e.g. configuration files, logs, exports, imports etc.

    In the webpart settings fill in in the property Files list of files that you want to display. You can set number of displayed rows and check off if you want to read the files only or change them. The webpart will read the files and display each of them in a separate tab. If the file does not exist, the user is informed about it with a red text File does not exist.

    Do not store files that shall be edited into folders, where ObjectGears system is installed. Account under which the system is running should not have write access rights to the file system of the web and therefore, users could not save changed files. Use another folder or network share to save files that shall be edited in this webpart.

    File content is displayed as a pure text. Therefore, use the webpart only for text files - TXT, CSV... Webpart is not used for displaying documents PDF, DOC, XLS, PPS, pictures etc.