1. Webparts

    Article: AN0001947Updated: 18.01.2023
    Issue description Possible root cause Solution
    Webpart se přestane zobrazovat v zobrazení stránky, ale v designu stránky je vidět. Webpart je špatně nakonfigurovaný. Opravte konfiguraci webpartu.
    Page cannot be displayed. The webpart causes an error that mentions the module in which the webpart is contained in the Event Log.

    1. Display the list of modules (Administration - Integration - Modules). Go to the detail of the given module by clicking the Display icon.

    2. Note the module code, change it and press Save.

    3. Go to module detail again and press Reinitialization.

    4. The page can be displayed now. Go to its design and delete the webpart that was causing the error.

    5. Display the module detail again, change the code to the original value, save, display the module detail again and press Reinitialization.