1. Problems and their solution

    Article: AN0001944Updated: 08.07.2022

    On this page there are described problems you may encounter in ObjectGears and their solutions.

    Problem Solution
    User does not see a folder in menu.

    There is no class or another object, to which the user has access right, contained in the folder. Assign to the user access rights on class or another object, that is in this folder, and the folder will be automatically displayed.

    User does not se a button. The button starts an action (e.g. import), on which the user does not have an access right. Assign this access right to the user and the button will be automatically displayed.
    The class has Detailed list display enabled but the icon for switch to the Detailed list does not show up. This is caused by the fact that no column of the class is enabled for the detailed list display. Enable at least one column for displaying in the detailed list.
    There are values in form of , where X a Y  are integers, displayed in the reference type column. Set Description format in the class detail of the referred class.
    A picture selected e.g. in schemes is displayed as a big (unchanged) one even if it was made smaller or modified in another way. Rename the file and select it again.
    Change of values in the column that is part of short description of the class A is not reflected in short description of the class B that uses in its short description also column referring on the class A. Change the short description definition in the class detail of the class B, in order that short descriptions are generated again and the change in the value in the class A will be reflected.
    When creating user manually or by user import ObjectGears report that the user already exists, even if the user is not in the list of users on page Persons.

    1. Make sure that there are also deleted users and those that do not have login enbaled displayed in the list.

    2. Click on icon User check on page Persons. This will trigger check of consistency between ASP.NET membership data and ObjectGears database and user accounts will be automatically corrected if necessary.

    Workflow version is marked as uncomplete

    1. Make sure that all activities except for activity Start have at least one input branch.

    2. Make sure that all activities except for activities End have at least one output branch.

    3. Make sure that any activity is not highlighted in red as incorrect defined.

    Erroneous script function Administration - System - About application - press the button Clear the cache.
    Link in Favourites does not reflect filter that was used at the time of creating the link The reason for that is application of another filter at the time of displaying the records that will cancel the filter from the link. IT model owner shall use condition !OGForm.QueryString.Exist('filter') when creating script filter, that shall be applied. This will cause that filter from the script will not be applied, when a filter is already defined in URL.

    When saving a record an error message is returned:

    Validation of viewstate MAC failed. If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure that ‹machineKey› configuration specifies the same validationKey and validation algorithm. AutoGenerate cannot be used in a cluster. See http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=314055 for more information.

    The reason can be (above other reasons) recycling of the application pooltion between beginning of record creation and its saving and following generation of a new Message Authentication Code (MAC). Generate the Machine Key according to the instructions in MS support.

    Check if the application poll is not recycled too frequently (setting of a regular recyclation, setting of web stopping when users are not active, allocation of more memory for the web).

    Query reports at its execution that column Col_... was not found.

    The reason is in a change of the underlaying tables caused by a change in the class.

    Go to the query sql definition, add a space at the end of the query and save the query. The query will be generated again.

    When importing users within workflow an error is returned: You cannot import users in the FREE version.

    The reason for that is missing licence file in the winservice folder.

    Copy the licence file into the winservice folder.

    Workflow terminates with an error saying that the Task could not be assigned to a group, because the task does not contain column for the group.

    The reason is missing column User group or the fact that this column was created in the class with tasks only after the initial saving of the given activity Task.

    Create in the class with tasks column with code task_assigned_group_to referring to the class with groups of users defined in the file web.config, if it does not exist yet.

    Create in the workflow a new activity of the type Task and copy into it settings from the existing activity. Then cancel the original activity.

    Email sent from ObjectGears is missing end of line, that is correctly displayed in long text columns.

    This happens, when the Notification is using option Send in html format and the notification works with a text column that contains new line characters. In such a case it is necessary to replace characters for the new line by a line break html element. Therefore, instead of {{column.description}} use {{(nl2br).column.description}}.

    If the notification body contains also other texts (e.g. from other columns), line break tag br has to be added at the end of each line.

    Short description should contain record Id but it contains 0 when a record is created. This is a feature. Short description is generated before record saving. Record Id is not known before saving in case of a new record. When the record is updated, correct Id is inserted.