1. Installation packages

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    List of all downloaded packages can be displayed by clicking on button Installation packages. Packages are split in categories on particular tabs. Each package contains some basic information with a possibility to display more detailed information on web (button Display detail).

    Button Download at particular packages causes download of the package itself. After that you can install it. 

    You can select one particular version, for which packages shall be displayed, by the drop down menu.


    Downloading information about packages

    Clicking on button Download in the upper menu causes download of all publicly available packages. If you want just one particular package, enter its ID into the pop up window. You can enter more package IDs, each on separate row. If you receive ID of a package that is not publicly available, enter it also here. Otherwise only public packages are downloaded.


    Newly downloaded packages are highlighted by a green line on the left. Each tab also contains number of new packages.

     Button Open folder launches File explorer and displays the package on disk. Button Install starts installation of the selected package. Button Delete deletes selected package from the Global disk storage.