1. Canceling record saving

    Article: AN0001900Updated:

    In case you do not want to change current record but instead you want to create a new record and pass the newly input data from the form into it, use property ContinueWithoutSave and following script.

    Where to use this script: Class rule: Rule before saving new or existing record

    OGSaveOption.ContinueWithoutSave = true;
    var dr2 = OG.DataRow.CreateNew( OGActualDataRow.ParentId);
    dr2['approver'] = OGActualDataRow['approver'];
    dr2['comment'] = OGActualDataRow['comment'];
    dr2['m01'] = OGActualDataRow['m01'];
    dr2['resource'] = OGActualDataRow['resource'];
    dr2['total'] = OGActualDataRow['total'];
    dr2['year'] = OGActualDataRow['year'];