1. Data imports

    Article: AN0001870Updated: 03.12.2018

    Import function enables to update data by values from the input file.

    Values for import and values for record mapping

    We define which values shall be imported in each import. For this purpose Checkbox I is used.

    If we want to identify records that are already present in the class and also in the import file, it is necessary to mark columns that will be used for this mapping. These columns will be marked in Checkbox M.

    Checkbox P informs that the respective column is mandatory.

    Default values

    When importing data to the class, we can set also values that shall be entered into attributes not present in the import file. The value can be also defined with functions:


    Funkce Popis
    #User Returns the full name of the user
    #DateTime Returns actual date and time
    #User_Account Returns login of the user
    #User_Id Returns Id of the user

    We will use these functions in the control Default value

    Import start

    Imports can be started manually via page with import list, URL, job, workflow or web services. If we want to use call via URL or web service, we have to explicitly enable that in the import definition.


    http://.../ImportStart.aspx?Id=27 – this link will start import Id 27 from the application located in ObjectGears.cz. The page returns OK, if the import is carried out well, or an error, if the import fails. (Start is enabled only if the user, that is calling this URL,  has appropriate access right.)