1. File archiving

    Article: AN0001867Updated:

    In some cases we want to archive copy of the file with which we work regularly.

    In the below example we want to save a file, that we have created by means of Export, to a new folder and differentiate it by name from other files, that will be stored there. This is why date and time is added to the file name.

    Where to use this script: Export: After finishing the export

    //Po exportu zkopíruje vytvořený soubor do složky Archive a označí ho v názvu datem a časem
    var newPath = 'C:\\R5\\Export\\Archive\\Server_overview_' + OG.DateTime.Now.ToString('dd_MM_yyyy HH_mm_ss') + '.csv';
    OG.IO.FileCopy( OGActualExportContent.FullPathName, newPath, true);