1. Model Knowledge Base - case study

    Article: AN0001851Updated: 03.10.2018

    We will show ObjectGears possibilities at creating a new application with universal ObjectGears resources on example of the model Knowledge Base - especially webparts and workflow.

    ObjectGears Knowledge base contains advanced features of systems specialized for knowledge management:

    1. Approval of articles and their new versions before publishing.
    2. Data classification - distinguishing publicly available knowledge articles and articles, that shall available only to a certain group of users.
    3. Possible text editing including styles, inserting tables, pictures or references to other articles or references outside the knowledge base (internet).
    4. Possibility to attach files to an article.
    5. Possibility to refer to configuration items in model IT and at the same time displaying list of articles that refer to the configuration item in the detail of the configuration item.

    We will describe everything in following steps:

    1. Requirements
    2. Solution design
    3. Workflow
    4. User screens
    5. Page for article readers
    6. Messages from scripts