1. Case study EasyTask: Requirements

    Article: AN0001842Updated:

    In this part we describe requirements on the system for task recording, that we will try to satisfy.

    ObjectGears user is able to created a task, update it, display list of tasks, filter the list by the user, task category etc. Within task update the user can add a new comment, that will be appended after previous comments showing dat and author. The user can change the solver, task status and other data and can attach files.

    The task is assigned to a project, within which it is solved, it is categorized according to the area, it relates to, it is prioritized and a deadline is set.

    in the list there are highlighted tasks assigned to the logon user and tasks that are in certain states.

    After each change in the task an email notification containing fundamental task information and url link to the file is sent to the user that is assigned to the task.