1. Modules

    Article: AN0001819Updated: 03.10.2018

    Modules are one strong  features of ObjectGears system. The enable to extend the functionality in a simple way by adding your library. You can create your custom modules or use third party modules. THe system does not limit you in this.

    In the list below you can find overview of current modules, that are delivered by Terannum.


    Name Description
    Modul Menu Module Menu contains webpart Menu for a fast user navigation. References are ordered one under another in groups. It is also possible to place them on tabs between which the user can switch.
    Modul MultiEdit Module contains webpart for mass record editing. You can edit more records at the same time by a simple script configuration and accelerate some operations in this way.
    Modul Utilities Module contains a set of usefulfunctions and webparts that extend ObjectGears system in specific areas.