1. Model Version Controlled Documentation

    Article: AN0002337Updated: 23.10.2021

    Model Version Controlled Documentation helps to create and manage documentation of products that are issued in versions and after adapting also any other type of documentation. This ObjectGears application is interesting also from the licensing point of view since we can typically manage it with a low number of users that have to be authenticated, Version Controlled Documention is intended for sharing with external (unauthenticated) users both from the organization or from internet. Therefore, such a solution can be operated in the ObjectGears free version.

    Documentation supports:

    • article creation by means of HTML editort
    • article hierarchy (child and parent articles)
    • content in form of texts, tables, pictures, attached files, videos, links to other articles
    • search of articles by readers
    • evaluation of articles by readers
    • article version management and language variants (article is displaying its content according to the selected version and user language preference)
    • article tags
    • search results sorted according to the relevance
    • an effective support for article authors (overviews of articles that need attention, various possibilities for linking articles by references...)
    • wide possibilities of configuration and customization according to customer needs (including look and feel)
    • article statistics

    We will describe the functionality in four articles.

    1. Reader functionality
    2. Editor functionality
    3. Main objects
    4. Tips for configuration and development