1. Process layer

    Article: AN0001811Updated: 11.04.2020

    There are entities Process group, Process, Subprocess and Process activity dedicated for business process area, that are unified in the parent entity All processes. This entity is then used e.g. in BIA questionnaire.

    Owner of the given process/subprocess/group of processes (reference to entity Organization structure) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective), that determines, till when the given process shall be restored, are followed up to the subprocess layer.

    The actual process steps, that are performed by staff or systems are captured in the entity Process activity. On this level interaction users interact with applications (Business Aplication instance). From practical reasons particular processes are often not detailed up to the level of process activitiesa and relation to the used applications is tracked on level of Processes and Subprocesses.


    Before implementation the model should be adjusted to the particular situation and needs of each customer.



    Configuration database (CMDB) and process Configuration management are introduced also in the ObjectGears website.