1. Hardware layer

    Article: AN0001809Updated: 11.04.2020

    This layer contains entities Device (Hardware), that can have Peripherals (External peripherals) and Components (Device_components). Devices and Peripherals are of various type (Device type). Peripherals and components communicate / are connected to Bus.

    There are Models (Device_component_models) and Types (Device_component_type) of components.

    In some cases a pecial entity Storage Disk (StorageDisks) can be used. These disks are of a certain Type (DiskType) and belong to Raidgroups. There are Models (HW Model) of devices.

    The device model is used in certain Configurations (HW model configuration), that have a certain price. This entity is used in the Financial layer for cost distribution.

    Devices are mounted in certainPositions. There are Native servers (Machine) running on devices.

    Devices and Native servers belong to a certain Environment. Devices and Peripherals have a certain Vendor.


    Before implementation the model should be adjusted to the particular situation and needs of each customer.



    Configuration database (CMDB) and process Configuration management are introduced also in the ObjectGears website.