1. Model overview

    Article: AN0001801Updated: 09.11.2018

    There are couple of already created models delivered with ObjectGears system licence. You can adapt these models to your needs (simplify or extend them or modify the functionality).


    Name Description
    IT Complex model for administration of IT assets and their relations. Model can capture entities from the datacenter layer, over hardware, network layer, server, application and data layer, over service layer (ITIL concept), supported business processes, operational layer (incident and problem management) to project layer (change management). Model enables to support also testing process or BIA.

    Model represents an advanced knowledge base with roles knowledge base administrator, article author and reader. Artciles are created by authors in html editor and enable to insert tables, pictures, files, links to knowledgebase, links to ObjectGears instance data (e.g. links to Configuration items) or links outside ObjectGears system (e.g. wikipedia). Article publishing is conditioned by approval of expert for the given topic. Articles are classified in categoriesP(e.g. Public, Only IT, Only Security) and therefore article from the given ublikace článku je podmíněna schválením gestora dané oblasti. Články jsou klasifikovány v kategoriích (např. Veřejné, Pouze IT, Pouze Bezpečnost...) Therefore, article of the given area can be displayed only by user with the given classification.

    This model is also used for demonstration of ObjectGears system possibilities, namely webparts, workflow and scripting, and is described in the help section Case studies.

    EasyTask Model for registering tasks. Model keeps data about tasks and process of their resolving. Taks can be classified according to their type, status, priority etc. Tasks can be assigned to resolvers and follow up their activity. It is a simple tool suitable for smaller teams that does not burden users with excessive complexity.
    Monitoring & Management Model keeps configuration for data collection and IT infrastructure management.
    Access rights Model demonstrates advanced ObjectGears functions, especially workflow and scripting, on example of an application that deals with access rights in the company. Model is used as a reference in the help section Case studies.
    System utilities Model containing statistics about system, classes, maintenance, searched texts...
    Version Controlled Documentation Model Version Controlled Documentation helps to create and manage documentation of products that are issued in versions and after adapting also any other type of documentation.