1. WinRM service

    Article: AN0001792Updated: 04.10.2018

    In order to execute Powershell command on a remote computer with Windows operating system it is necessary to grant access right for WinRM service to the given account on this server.

    This can be set in the following way:

    1. Run Command line on the given computer as Administrator (cmd.exe - after clicking with the right mouse button Run as Administrator).
    2. Enter command "powershell" and press enter.
    3. Enter command "Set-PSSessionConfiguration Microsoft.Powershell -ShowSecurityDescriptorUI" and press enter.
    4. Confirm Y.
    5. Screen for entering account or group will pop up. Select account or group, member of which is the requested account and check off the access right Read and Execute. Press enter.
    6. Confirm Y.

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