1. Menu Favourites

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    Every user has a star icon in the bottom left corner to open menu Favourites. Favourite items work same like in a browser. They are used to store often visited pages in ObjectGears system. Unlike in browser, these items are displayed always when logging into the system from whatever computer or device.

    Favourite items are only yours and are not shared or influenced by another users.

    Work with menu Favourites

    Click on option Add to favourites users can create a new record in this menu pointing to the current page. The link is created including current filter on the page. Data from the Quick filter are transformed into ObjectGears filter and added to other conditions by the operator AND. Text strings from the Quick filter are compared in the ObjectGears filter with operator Contains.

    After clicking on the link in menu Favourites the respective page is displayed.

    If you click on the link by a right mouse button, a simple form for changing the name of the link or its deletion is displayed. Link target (url) cannot be changed.