1. Display details

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    The system for displaying data from a class or query uses two basic pages: Datas.aspx for displaying list of records and DataDetail.aspx for displaying detail of one particular record.


    The system supports inserting and displaying files. Files are inserted into a class by means of column File. You can add more columns of this type into a single class and have files divided by content (documentation/pictures/designs...).

    Access to files is controlled by rules for access on the given record in the class. If the user has access right to display the record in detail or to display data list, than he/she can display whatever file attached to this record.

    In some cases it is necessary to control access to files in a more sofisticated way. This is supported by script object TimeLink, that can generate guid (time valid reference), that is valid for X minutes. If you than display a link to the file to the user (e.g.: by means of webpart), than he has X minutes to display the file. This scenario is suitable, if you need to set access rights on particular record in a more sofisticated way. You can find more information at object TimeLink.

    Return from the data detail

    You will be redirected from the data detail to the page with list of records of the given class or query after saving the record or clicking on button Back. In order to be redirected to another page you can use parameter returnUrl. If it is included in URL, you will be redirected to the given page.

    This example shows redirection to the page WebContentPage.aspx with ID = 150.


    Characters %3f are encoded character ? and characters %3d are character =. You have to encode these dangerous characters into hexadecimal form in URL.