1. Overview of data types

    Article: AN0001762Updated: 20.10.2018

    ObjectGears system uses various data types ranging from a basic one (int, DateTime) to coplex objects. These objects are divided hereinafter ito several groups according to the meaning or possible use.

    Basic data types

    List of basic data types can be found here. These types are generally used by all the programing languages. Objectgears data types are based on Microsoft .NET Frameworku platform.

    ObjectGears data types for metamodel

    These data types are used by ObjectGears system for description of the metamodelu, e.g. models, classes, queries, buttons... These types can be also used by programing scripts or extending modules.

    Data types for calling web services

    Data types for web services are special objects adapted for use between various operating systems and various programming languages. Their description can be found at web services.

    Special objects

    There are special objects, each supporting certain functionality.