1. Data type OG - WebPartBase

    Article: AN0001755Updated: 24.09.2018

    This object is a parent of all webparts. Each webpart in the ObjectGears system inherites from this object.

    The object represents ASP.NET WebControl, that is rendered in the page. Each webpart contains in the property WebPart data object with webpart settings.

    Object properties


    Name Description
    WPBase WebPart Data object containing webpart settings.
    ContentPage ContentPage Page instance.
    bool IsWPDesign Indication, wheather the webpart is displayed in the design mode (page ContentPageDesign.aspx) or not (page WebContentPage.aspx).
    string Title Webpart title.
    string Description Webpart description.
    string TitleImageUrl Big webpart picture (32x32).
    object GetData( string key) Function returns webpart data according to the key.
    void SetData(string key, object value) Method sets webpart data according to the key.

    Not all the scripts are executed in page ContentPageDesign.aspx in order all the webparts can be displayed and configured. You can skip complex data loading and rendering by means of property IsWPDesign and save system resources in this way.

    You can pass data between webparts. In this way you can load information for all the webparts only once and than pass it to all of them. There are methods GetData and SetData for this purpose. You can pass whatever object. When doing that you have to define a key unique within the given webpart. Than you will read the value in the webpart by means of the method GetData.