1. OG data type - Query

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    Object query is used for display of summary data or data from multiple classes or external database tables processed in another way. Query enables another view on the class data. You can display overview about number of orders in particular months, list of unfinished tasks by users etc.

    Definition of the query is based on syntax of SQL Server, so all the constructions supported by SQL Server can be used in the query. To perform more complex data acquiry (not only with a single SELECT command) you can use convention for calling stored procedure. This procedure can gain the data in several simple steps and the result set return to a temporary table.

    Data from query, can be display, same like with class, by means of Datas page as a list of records or by means of DataDetail page, where detail of a single record is displayed.

    You cannot insert, update or delete data in query. Query is not an owner of the record (like class), and therefore it can only display the data.

    Access to the query data can be controlled by means of roles.

    Object properties

    Name Description
    int Id Query Id.
    string Name_Loc Returns the whole text for all the localizations.
    int ModelId Id of the model, to which the query belongs.
    Model Model Model, to which the query belongs.
    string Code Query code.
    string Name Localized query name.
    string SqlClass SQL entered by the user - contains references to class codes.
    bool ShowInDefaultMenu Indication, wheather the query shall be displayed in the default menu (which is generated automatically).
    string ImageUrl Small picture.
    string ImageUrlBig Big picture.
    string Description Picture description.
    bool EnableShowList Enable display of the query list.
    bool EnableShowDetail Enable display of the query detail.
    bool EnableShowDetailInList Enable display of the query detail list.
    bool AllowPadding Enable paging in the default display.
    int? PageSize Number of rows in the page.
    bool ShowRowIndex Display number of the row in the grid.
    bool AllowNavigationInDetail Indication, wheather navigation between records is enabled in the detail.
    bool RssEnable Enable Rss for query.
    bool EnableShowAllColumns Indication, wheather option "All columns" shall be displayed in the page.
    int? ShowMaxRows Max. number of displayed records.
    bool EnableWebServices Indication, wheather calls from web services is enabled.
    string FullImageUrl Full URL for inserting picture on page.
    string FullImageUrlBig Full URL for inserting big picture on page.
    ColumnClassDefList Columns Query columns.