1. OG data type - Model

    Article: AN0001730Updated:

    Model is the top object in the ObjectGears hierarchy. It actually represents application as we know it from Windows. Model should be a compact pack of functionalities for solving one problem. Example of model is IT configuration repository, Access rights administration, IT monitoring... etc.

    Object properties

    Name Description
    int Id Model Id
    string Name_Loc Name of all localizations
    string Name Name of current localization
    string Code Code
    string Description Description
    bool Enabled Indication if the model is enabled
    string InfoUrl Url na informace o modelu
    PersonInfo ITOwnerId1 IT owner 1
    PersonInfo ITOwnerId2 IT owner 2
    PersonInfo ITOwnerId3 IT owner 3
    PersonInfo BusinessOwnerId Business owner
    string Theme Selected theme
    bool IsUserITOwner(int personId) Function finds out if the input useris IT owner of the model
    ClassDefList ClassDefs List of classes in model.
    QueryList Queries List of queries in model.
    EmailTemplateList EmailTemplates List of email templates in model.