1. OG data type - JSScriptParameterList

    Article: AN0001722Updated: 23.10.2018

    The object ist list of objects JSScriptParameter.

    Object properties

    All the functions relate to the list of objects, over which the function is called.

    Name Description
    void Add( string name, object value) Method adds into the collection a new parameter of the given name and value.
    void Remove(string name) Method removes from the collection parameter of the given name.
    int Count Number of items in collection.
    this[int index] Function returns item from collection according to the index.
    void Add(JSScriptParameter item) Method adds into the collection a new item.
    void Clear() Method deletes the collection.


    var pars = OG.Script.CreateParameterList();
    pars.Add( 'name', 'Tom Radler');
    pars.Add( 'myDate', OG.DateTime.Now);

    var script = '...your script...';
    OG.Script.Run('scriptName', script, pars, null);